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Thor smiled at the nurses who gave him directions to the room he will be visiting that warm Monday afternoon. He frowned when he noticed two doctors standing outside a large window talking. He felt sorry for the person who couldn’t have privacy while in the hospital. Then he saw that the number next to the window was the same one he was visiting. ‘That can’t be right. Loki said he was here for the flu.’
 He went over to the doctor, “Excuse me. I think I have the wrong room. I am looking for Loki Odinson.”
 The doctor gave him a sad smile and gestured for his collogue to leave. “I am Mr. Odinson’s-“
 “Doctor.” Thor said, the doctor looked at him strangely. “Loki is a doctor. Not like you, he is a scientist trying to cure diseases.”
 The doctor smiled and nodded, “Of course, I am Dr. Odinson’s doctor.” He fought to not laugh and how odd that sounds. “I am Dr. Grey
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Daddy's little girl by animegirl1821 Daddy's little girl :iconanimegirl1821:animegirl1821 0 1
How the Darkness Ended
Chapter inspired by the song Labyrinth
Day and time unknown
I ran down a hallway trying to find my way out.
Left, right, strait ahead.
I have no idea how long I have been running. Good thing I never have to eat, drink or use the restroom in this place. Where was I? I am in my own mind. So why am trying to get out. I will tell you. I don't know when or how but a girl who looked just like me led me and trapped me here. I know it sounds weird but it is true.
All over the walls are picture frames that move. They all lead to different places. One led me back to the time Spain teaching me to speak Spanish. Another to the time I first met Russia. One of World War One.
They are my memories. I have to get out of here. I saw what is going on. This girl took over my body and is torturing my people.
Left, right, right, left.
I kept running, ignoring the pain in my lungs and legs. I wish I could just get out. I hate seeing my mistakes down every turn I take. I have no idea where I am heading. Or if
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Hetalia poster by animegirl1821 Hetalia poster :iconanimegirl1821:animegirl1821 0 1
Canada's Family Portait
Me: I got the idea of this from a video on YouTube and the song Family Portrait.
I do not own Hetalia Axis Powers or the song Family Portrait.
This is written on Canada's point of view, uses human name and is an alternate universe
Momma please stop cryin'
I can't stand the sound
Your pain is painful and it's tearin' me down.
I can hear Arthur crying in the kitchen. It breaks my heart to see him like this. I know he has been drinking. He always drinks after they fight. I hate this. I hate hearing them shout insult after insult at each other. I hate hearing Arthur, and sometimes Francis, crying himself till he is too drunk to know why he is crying anymore.
I hear glasses breakin'
as I sit up in my bed
I told dad you didn't mean
Those nasty things you said.
Late at night I woke up to the sound of glass breaking. I can hear them fighting again. "WHY THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU CARE WHAT I DO OR DON'T DO!"
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Chibu romano by animegirl1821 Chibu romano :iconanimegirl1821:animegirl1821 2 1 Chibi Itay by animegirl1821 Chibi Itay :iconanimegirl1821:animegirl1821 3 7


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mayra gomez
United States
Favourite genre of music: pop
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Personal Quote: 'everyone i know is crazy, but thats what makes life fun.'
This is for a fanfiction I wanted to write for a while, I already started it and I will post the first chapter here if you wish but I need a little help. The story is about how one character got a book that would put all the people she knows into a fairytale she chooses. Another character wants her to use it to pair her with a guy she likes. Anyway she doesn't do that but she does read the book. But I was wondering what fairy I should do, or if it should be a series of fairytales and if so which is first? So I was hoping you guys can tell me what you think it should be. Please.


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